Tokyo Contemporary Art Award




Northeast China2019.6.16 - 6.28

My travels took me to Northeast China (Dalian, Dandong, Shenyang, Changchun, and Harbin).

Based on new information about torii (gates for Shinto shrines) left overseas by the Japanese, the subject of my torii series, I went to photograph them.

An additional objective, a side theme, was to be in a place where I might accidentally encounter something or would be highly likely to do so, or a place that, on a first visit, I could establish as my destination. My 2004 trip was only to Changchun. In order to confirm changes in the Changchun torii and because I had discovered two other possible subjects for my photography there, I made that my destination while traveling in Northeast China (formerly known as Manchukuo).

Venice2019.7.18 - 7.25

In Venice, I carried out two studies.

One was to observe the Festa del Redentore (Redeemer Festival) 2019. That festival is held to give thanks to God for leading the people of Venice to the eradication, in 1576, of the plague that had struck the city. The Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Church of the Most Sacred Redeemer) was built on the island of Giudecca. During the festival, a pontoon bridge riding on many boats stretches over the 330 meters from the main island to the church. A huge fireworks display is held on the night before the festival. On the day of the lively festival itself, a vast procession of celebrants crosses the pontoon bridge to visit the church.

A second reason to visit Venice was to see the Venice Biennale. I had been present at its opening in May, but because of administrative matters, had not able to see the exhibition at all or to meet friends and overseas connections at that time. The timing for this second visit enabled me to take in the Biennale as a whole and to carry out deep studies related to my own work.